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Air Travel

Almost all international flights into Peru touch down at Aeropuerto Internacional Jorge Chávez, on the northwestern fringe of Lima. Nonstop flying times to Lima are 5 hours, 45 minutes from Miami; 6 hours, 45 minutes from Houston; 7 hours from New York; and 8 hours, 35 minutes from Los Angeles.

Airlines now include departure taxes on international and domestic flights in the cost of tickets.

The least expensive airfares to Peru are priced for round-trip travel. Airlines generally allow you to change your return date for a fee; most low-fare tickets, however, are nonrefundable.

Airline Security Issues

Transportation Security Administration.


Peru's main international point of entry is Aeropuerto Internacional Jorge Chávez (LIM), 11 kilometers (7 miles) from Lima’s historic center and 17 km (10 miles) from Miraflores. It's a completely modern facility with plenty of shops, eateries, and flights that arrive and depart 24 hours a day. ATMs and currency exchange offices are in the arrivals area. These are nowhere to be found in the departures area, so do your banking before heading through security.

Airport Information

Aeropuerto Internacional Jorge Chávez. Av. Faucett s/n, Callao, Callao, 01. 01/511–6055;

Ground Transportation

If your hotel doesn't offer to pick you up at the airport, you'll have to take a taxi. Arrange a ride with one of the official airport taxis whose companies have counters inside the arrivals area of the terminal. A taxi to most places in the city should cost no more than $20–$25 USD. It's a 30-minute drive to El Centro, and a 45-minute drive to Miraflores and San Isidro. During rush hour (8–10 am and 5–9 pm), driving times in Lima can double, so plan accordingly.


Dozens of international flights land daily at Lima's Aeropuerto Internacional Jorge Chávez; although most are from other Latin American cities, there are many from the United States as well. Delta flies from Atlanta, American flies from Miami, United flies from Houston and Newark, and Spirit and JetBlue both fly from Fort Lauderdale. South American–based LAN flies from Los Angeles, Miami, and New York's JFK, and Air Canada flies from Toronto.

If you're arriving from other Latin American cities, you have a wide range of regional carriers at your disposal. LAN has flights from most major airports in the region. Brazil's TAM flies from Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Copa (affiliated with United) flies from its hub in Panama City, Aeroméxico flies from Mexico City, Aerolineas Argentinas flies from Buenos Aires, and Avianca flies from Bogota and San José (the capitals of Colombia and Costa Rica, respectively).


With four mountain ranges and a large swath of the Amazon jungle running through Peru, flying is the best way to travel from Lima to most cities and towns. LAN, the carrier that operates the majority of flights within the country, departs several times each day for Arequipa, Cajamarca, Chiclayo, Cusco, Iquitos, Piura, Puerto Maldonado, Tacna, Tarapoto, and Trujillo. LC Perú flies to Andahuaylas, Ayacucho, Cajamarca, Huancayo, Huánuco, Huaraz, and Tingo Maria. Peruvian Airlines flies to Arequipa, Cusco, Iquitos, Piura, Pucallpa, Tarapoto, and Tacna. Star Perú flies to Ayacucho, Cusco, Huánuco, Iquitos, Pucallpa, Puerto Maldonado, and Tarapoto. Avianca flies to Arequipa, Chiclayo, Cusco, Iquitos, and Juliaca.

Airline Contacts

Aerolineas Argentinas. Dean Valdivia 243, Of. 301, San Isidro, Lima, 27. 800/333–0276; 800/52–200;

Aeroméxico. Pardo y Aliaga 699, Of. 501, San Isidro, Lima, 27. 800/237–6639; 800/53-407;

Air Canada. Italia 389, Of. 101, Miraflores, Lima, Lima, 18. 888/247–2262; 800/52-073;

American Airlines. José Pardo 392, Miraflores, Lima, Lima, 18. 800/433–7300; 01/211–7000;

Avianca. Jose Pardo 811, Miraflores, Lima, Lima, 18. 800/284–2622; 01/511-8222;

Copa. Canaval y Moreyra with República de Panamá, Los Halcones 105, San Isidro, Lima, 27. 800/359–2672; 01/610–0808;

Delta Airlines. Víctor Andrés Belaúnde 147, Of. 701 Torre Real 3, San Isidro, Lima, 27. 800/241–4141; 01/211–9211;

JetBlue. Aeropuerto Jorge Chavez, Av. Elmer Faucett s/n, Callao, Callao, 01. 800/538–2583; 800/51–061;

LAN. José Pardo 513, 1st Floor, Miraflores, Lima, Lima, 18. 866/435–9526; 01/213–8200;

Spirit Air. Aeropuerto Internacional Jorge Chávez, s/n Av Elmer Faucett, Callao, Callao, 01. 801/401–2200; 01/517–2536;

TAM. Alcanfores 495, Of. 507, Miraflores, Lima, Lima, 18. 866/435–9526; 01/202–6900;

United Airlines. Edificio Real 5, Victor Andrés Belaunde 147, Oficina 101, San Isidro, Lima, 27. 800/864–8331; 01/712–9230;

Domestic Airlines

LC Perú. Jose Pardo 269, Miraflores, Lima, Lima, 18. 01/204–1313;

Peruvian Airlines. José Pardo 495, Miraflores, Lima, Lima, 18. 01/716–6000;

Star Perú. José Pardo 485, Miraflores, Lima, Lima, 18. 1-323/521-5351; 01/705-9000;


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