Experience the raw and pure beauty of the Great White Continent on an 11-day expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula. During this magical time, landscapes are at their most pristine as the thawing of sea ice draws you into an unspoiled polar wilderness. Icebergs are at their greatest mass, penguins are busy courting, nest building and squabbling over pebbles. As the Ocean Endeavour edges its way through the fractured ice, perhaps entering the narrow, sheer-sided Lemaire Channel, you’re invited onto the bow of the Ocean Endeavour. Scan for Leopard seals on ice floes as you follow the continent’s inhabitants further south into the untouched snowscapes of pristine Antarctica.
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Discover an elevated cruising experience in the Mediterranean on board Norwegian Epic - designed for you to live life to the fullest. Discover the popular Gothic Quarter and savor some delicious tapas at a local café before visiting Barcelona’s crowning jewel, La Sagrada Familia. Visit Livorno on the west coast of Tuscany, where you’ll tour the pastel coastal villages in Cinque Terre, stroll the narrow streets of Riomaggiore and see landmarks like the black-and-white marble St.
Starting at $719.00+

Cruise from Barcelona to Italy on this unforgettable vacation aboard Norwegian Epic. Soak in Barcelona’s diverse architecture with a drive through the city on your way to Montserrat – a picturesque village perched atop rugged mountains where you can visit the Black Virgin statue in the local basilica. Nestled on the west coast of Tuscany, charming Livorno offers the freshest seafood, awe-inspiring forts and splendid coastal views with ample cafes and boutiques awaiting your discovery.
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Begin your 11-day Mediterranean experience in Italy. Dubrovnik is known for its decadent architecture, and you’ll be free to admire it all in before venturing over to Kotor. In Naples, you can spend the day exploring some of Italy’s grand ruins, pick up some local crafts, or sample a Capri pizza. In Civitavecchia, admire Michelangelo’s Pietà or take a drive through the Roman countryside’s lush farmlands.
Starting at $799.00+